My instabulbs battery compartment was melting and almost caught fire. Thank god my child noticed that it was smoking while we were using it! Add comment

Bought 2boxes of 2 bulbs. Installed and they worked for about an hour then I had to replace battery. The light is not very high even though I bought the brighter bulbs. Total waste of time, money and effort. I giveit a1 out of 5. Poor extreme poor product. Add comment

These bulbs are totally useless. I have been lied to. I will have to spend a lot of money just for replacement batteries, (need to be changed every other day) and the minnie bulb is like having a nightlight, I mean come on, everything was so misleading. Why don't they offer a refund, or give those replacement bulbs for free? Oh, I must have lost my mind...give back something..why? They are... Read more

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I bought five packs of the insta bulbs with two in each pack for my home when the power goes off. A complete waste. Two of them don't provide sufficient light in my bathroom for me to apply powder to my face or comb my hair. I was under the impression that these use regular bulbs but they come with the bulbs and you have to buy replacement bulbs. It would have been better to have just the... Read more

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I only use the bulbs for my closet and my entrance way. This unit kills the 4 aa batteries in 5 uses!!!! I dont even keep the bulb on! I just use it for walking into the room and then shut it off. now i have them "stuck" on my walls and entraceways and they are hard to remove, with that sticky backing, its ripping the paint off of my walls where i put them. Such a waste of money products. ... Read more

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It works great except when you want to remove the base of the light. It tears the wall paper off. That's very bad and doesn't let you take them with you, or reposition them. Add comment

I got this for $11 at a Target (2 bulbs in one box). This was the worst purchase I've made in a very long time. The light is not the bright blue LED-type light depicted on the box/commercial; it's a lot like the wall plug-in night light you had as a kid. The 4 AA(!!!) batteries/bulb lasted 2 days of varied use, apparently they get a continuous use of 2 hours. Realizing I'd be spending more money... Read more

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Great idea, but a bad product and dishonest billing. The instabulb looks ideal on TV, but actually the "bulb" is a teenie weenie 2.5 volt thing that has a fake real looking bulb cover. It can't illuminate worth ***. It's not even as bright as opening your iPhone. It certainly can't illuminate a closet or a tent. That said, the instalight only lasts about 2 hours total. One of my 2 broke... Read more

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I seen the TV advertisement about insta bulb they said $10.99 free shipping second pair free only $6.99 shipping and express shipping for $9.99 but they charged $40 to my account the phone number is 18555668 1654 that is the customer service number to cancel orders please do not order from this company because they do not live up to what they tell you it is a total rip off the lights don't work... Read more

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I connected the two 'bulbs' yes, I Put new batteries and the next time I went to use it, it didn't work!! I bought these in BIGW at Bankstown and because they worked initially I threw the box and the docket out, thinking I was on a winner. Of course Big W wont help if you don't have a docket, I would like you send them back and you send me another 2 as I am not happy, please respond.... Read more

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